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This guide is based on Inner Vision Crystals

Many urban myths and misconceptions exist about moldavite. Other people believe that moldavite can open portals into other dimensions. Others claim it to be an alien rock. One of the longest-lasting myths about moldavite’s smell is also one that has endured. This assertion is it true, continue? Inner Vision Crystals wants to put the record straight so you can buy moldavite.

We should be very clear right from the start: moldavite doesn’t smell. The stone doesn’t have an odor or aroma and it’s not a good idea to assume that it does. It is actually made from tektite, which is a mineral formed by a meteorite striking the earth and melting the rock around it. Moldavite doesn’t appear to grow on any trees.

What is the source of this rumor? There are people who have reported smelling moldavite, but the scent does not originate from the rock. The smell is most likely from lingering compounds or oils on the surface of the stone that, with time, have retained and absorbed scents.

You shouldn’t worry if the stone has a mild smell. The smell isn’t a sign of something ominous, or paranormal. This is more than likely a sign that the stone was well-loved by its previous owner.

You can also do some things to remove the moldavite smell if it’s still bothering you. Try gently washing the stone under warm running water and using mild soap to get rid of any oil or grime which could have caused the smell. To let the stone breathe, and to eliminate any remaining smells, place it in the sunshine for a couple of hours.

Inner Vision Crystals is committed to helping consumers maximize the benefits of moldavite. Get some moldavite to discover the fun and excitement. Don’t allow a small fragrance to hinder your spiritual progress!

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