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Common Types and Styles of Earrings Available for Men

Fashion has been using earrings since the early 19th Century. On palace walls, you can see carved images depicting men wearing earrings, most of which are of Persian descent. Even in India and Egypt, there were already pharaohs and religious leaders sporting male earrings.

As earrings were believed to be of the feminine domain, it was also thought that they would enhance the glamour of the female form. Earrings made for female use were popularized in Western Europe during the 1920’s. Ear-piercing became popular in men only in the middle 20th century. In the past, ear piercing required a safety-pin to make holes in your ear. Now, you can use ear guns or a hammer to insert the earrings. Men’s earrings became popular in the 1980s as athletes, musicians, and actors wore them at shows and gigs. To complete their look, many men are now sporting earrings. The most common earrings for men are hoop earrings and the stud.

These earrings are popular among music artists. The main feature of stud earrings, is the way it appears to be placed on the ear. This happens because the studs are attached on the end of a long post. It penetrates right through the ear. The stud earrings with a diamond as their stud are the more expensive. This type of stud earring is very popular as you can wear it with casual or formal attires.

The hoop earrings are the most popular style of earrings for men. Hoop earrings have a similar design to rings, so you will find hoop earrings that are circular. Hoop earrings are usually made with thin wires that penetrate the ear. Hoop earrings must be fastened so that the wire attached to the tube of metal will not lock with the metal tubing running backwards. Others hoop earrings do not complete this circle, and work more like those of stud earrings.