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Summer Is A Great Time For Home Exterior Painting

Your home’s exterior will be transformed by exterior home painting related site. It is essential to choose the best moment to begin the project to guarantee a positive outcome. Learn why this is the best moment to add some color to your home.

Like life, Summer is the best time for exterior home painting articles your home looks better with colors. Colors are able to transform your home’s look and feel. They can transform the character of a house from dull to welcoming. Colors will guarantee beautiful transformations. The best transformations are achieved by choosing the right time.

What is the Best Month to Paint Your Exterior Home?

In general, late spring and the summer months are the most popular ones for exterior painting. Low humidity and warm temperatures are the main reasons for this. It makes it easier to paint, and the paint lasts longer.

1. Temperature

Paint manufacturers recommend a minimal temperature of 40° Fahrenheit. Premium paints can be applied at temperatures of 35 degrees. When using latex based paints, you should keep the temperature between 50° and 85° Fahrenheit.

2. Fluctuations Temperature

Fluctuations of temperature can create havoc. You can consider the daytime temperatures before you start the project. The fluctuations are also important. If the days and nights are both warm and pleasant but the days and nights are both cold and chilly then the results of the painting will not be satisfactory. The paint can peel off and leave ugly cracks. This will require you to redo everything.

3. Moisture

For any painting job, a clean and dry surface is a must. If you plan to paint the exterior of your house, it is absolutely essential. After a heavy rain or snowfall, paint won’t adhere properly. While the exterior walls or siding might not be wet when you paint, porous surfaces (such as wood and masonry) can retain water and cause problems. The best time to paint is during the dry summer.

It’s important to ensure the weather is right before beginning any exterior home paint work. Selecting the best weather to start the painting job will give you durable results. It will also help increase the curb-appeal of your home. A bad paint job will result if you fail to follow this advice. Painting the outside of your house doesn’t stop with picking the right paint colors. Hire the best painters and begin the project at the perfect time. Now is the time to start exterior home paint and transform your house!

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