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Start a successful home-based business with money making websites

It’s great that you are interested in working at home. But you have no idea how to get started or which website to choose. Here, you’ll learn how to start a money-making website for no or little money – click for source!

Websites can be of many kinds, ranging anywhere from business sites to private ones. Some websites are designed for pure fun. The majority of sites are built to earn money.

The following are the easiest and fastest money making websites that you can develop:

* informational,

The community is the key to building a strong and vibrant society.


Informational websites

Wikipedia, as you might expect, is at the top of this list. Imagine you’re able to provide some useful information or even sell it on a small scale. Offer a product, or a service? Then you could create an educational website. Say you enjoy baking, and that you have put together a delicious collection of recipes into a theme-based recipe book. It is possible to create a website with baking advice, recipes or even ones that don’t appear in your book. It would be great to have a community forum for sharing baking ideas and recipes. If you want to make money, sell your book of recipes (in either hard copy form or as an electronic version) and have links that lead people to baker’s supply stores. You can find some websites that are available for free, but I’d recommend investing $10 in your web domain if this is the route you take. Most come with either free hosting or low-cost hosting.

Community Building websites

Facebook and MySpace may be the best-known websites to build communities. If you like to talk about dogs, for example, then create a MySpace account. This allows you to link to websites that are dog friendly, give pet owners useful information and monetize the website again by selling products or affiliates to members. It’s a great option because you don’t have to pay anything in order to join. But you must not be perceived as a “hard-selling” site. Otherwise, it will be impossible to grow a group or earn money.


It is possible to create a blog for free. If you wish, however, to have your own name you must pay a fee. Other than that, you could use one of many free blogs available online. The most popular are Blogger and WordPress. If you want to download WordPress and use it on your own website, then that is also an option. How you can turn your blog into a revenue-generating site depends on what type of blog it is. With your own hosted blog you will have many more options. These include Google AdSense, affiliate links, product recommendations and reviews. If you use other services, your options may be restricted to affiliates links.

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