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Salt-Free Water Resolvers for Hard Water Problems

A salt-free system is an option for homeowners who are concerned about hardwater in their homes. These systems efficiently treat your source water without the need for ion exchange water softereners, related site.

Hard water can be dangerous for your plumbing, appliances, and health. However, water treatment systems can also pose serious problems. The latest technology is salt-free water softereners. They can help you stop hard water from getting into your pipes and appliances. These systems can prevent hardwater from damaging your pipes, appliances, and property without the environmental, financial, and waste issues that other softening methods create. This amazing new technology should be installed by your water service.

Traditional softeners replace the calcium, magnesium, and sodium ions in hardwater by sodium ions. This results in salty wastewater that consumes a significant amount of energy and creates salty waste. These water softeners may surprise you.

What is the waste of water? Did anyone know that traditional systems are responsible for wasting between 200 and 240gallons of water every week? This adds up over 12,500 gallons annually. To put that in perspective, most people in developing countries consume less water than three gallons a day. A single ion softener makes enough water to supply 13 people with water for an entire year.

Increase sodium levels in wastewater As a side effect, salt water is also created. This salt water then goes down the drain and into main supply. The water will have to eventually be removed from the main supply to make it safe to drink again. Traditional ion softeners are not only a waste of water; they also add sodium to the water.

A no-salt water sanitizer system can eliminate these problems. These innovative water treatment systems do more than just remove calcium and magnesium. They also accelerate the process of turning dissolved minerals into tiny particles. With no scaling and no damage, calcium and magnesium small crystals can easily pass through your plumbing. Saltless water softeners

Use no electricity

Need no special drain

Very low price for “soft” quality

Can be installed in areas where salt systems are not permitted

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