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RHEL Managed Services, how can your business benefit?

Containers are a great way for teams to quickly innovate and create business value. This opportunity comes with complexity. A containerized environment can be difficult to manage and build. If you don’t have the time, ask yourself if it is worth upgrading your Kubernetes, securing or maintaining its security. RHEL Managed Services simplifies operations and lets you focus on the development of applications that will add more value to the company. Ask how you can use this to benefit your business, click this.

Increased efficiency, faster return on time, and better operational value

It is self service and allows clusters to be fully managed in just minutes. In application development, test and deployment the productivity of developers has been improved by 90%. The reduced time to launch means that a higher focus is given to high-value applications.

This managed service is very flexible when it comes to pricing and consumption. All aspects of management are covered, starting with the day-today activities and ending up at infrastructure. Flexible hybrid accessibility with portability.

Around the clock support and expertise is available.

RHEL’s services are financial backed. With a 99.95% SLA, automated pricing, and high-security, RHEL managed services offer a strong security. It offers internal expertise and fills any gaps, while also offering SRE upgrades, zero downtime, and zero service interruption.

Kubernetes is not just about the monthly subscription.

Red Hat Managed Service has a fully-managed service. Red Hat manages the entire stack, not just Kubernetes. Red Hat also offers the global SRE 24-x-7 team to provide expertise for this service.

Red Hat Managed Services offer more than Kubernetes. Red Hat Managed Services offers more than just Kubernetes. Logging, pipelines used to create applications, service Meshes, etc. on top upstream Kubernetes.

Red Hat OpenShift Services may be installed on any public cloud provider.

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