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North Shore Rug Cleaning Guide

North Shore homes warm up and become more personal with the addition of rugs more helpful hints. But dirt, stains, scents, and time can cause these exquisite embellishments to fade. The correct cleaning method is necessary to keep rugs looking good and fresh. In this article, carpet cleaning North Shore discusses North Shore area rug cleaning tips.

Before cleaning, you should identify the rug’s materials. Rugs can be made with cotton, wool, silk and synthetic fibers. Each material requires specific care and cleaning in order to prevent damage. Natural fabrics such as wool and silk can be fragile and require a more gentle cleaning method. Synthetic materials are stronger and may resist harsher techniques.

Rugs that are regularly maintained last longer. Vacuuming on both sides the rug every week removes loose dirt and helps to prevent it from being ground into the fibres. Vacuum high-pile area rugs with a vacuum which has variable height settings.

Remove Stains. Stains will set if treated after the accident. To remove as many spills as possible, lightly blot them with a soft, absorbent towel or cloth. Rubbing the stain might spread it or damage the fibres. Depending upon the stain, and rug fabric, you can remove it yourself or hire a professional.

Deep cleaning rugs helps remove dirt and allergies. Smaller rugs can be washed by hand. You can wash them in a bowl with some cold water and light detergent. Rent or buy carpet cleaners with appropriate attachments if you have larger carpets.

Test Cleaning products: Always test your cleaning product on an inconspicuous, small area before you apply it to your rug. This process ensures your rug will not be damaged by the cleaning product. Test first, before damaging the rug.

After intense cleaning or stain removing, your rug needs to be dried completely. You can lay it flat out in the shade on a ventilated, clean surface. To avoid mold and mildew, dry your rug thoroughly.
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