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Hire A Professional painter

As a professional general contractor for over thirty years check this out, I have literally heard thousands of horrors stories. These horror stories were told by customers who had previously hired painters. Many of my customers told me horror stories regarding hiring painting contractors. Some had received the payment in advance from the customer but never returned. Others were straight-up thieves. These stories are ones I have heard many times before. Here are some tips on how to protect you if hiring a professional.

Quality painting contractors can be found in a variety of places, including yellow pages and newspapers. Asking friends, colleagues and relatives about their previous experiences and what kind of service they got from a specific painting contractor is the best way to start. Do not forget to ask them about their satisfaction with the work they had done, and also how much money it cost. If you can’t find a local painting contractor by using these sources, ask at your paint retailer. You can contact your local Better Business Bureau to see if they have any recommendations if you’re unable find a contractor. Ask for a certified copy of the contractor’s liability insurance. Contractors of high caliber will gladly give you a copy of their certificate of liability insurance. Not all states and municipalities require businesses to be licensed, but registration in the state or municipality usually is.

Ask contractors for references. It’s important that you can talk to these people. Never hesitate to ask questions about service or price. Select a painter you can trust to do a great job. You should always have a written agreement. Reputable contractors will encourage the use written contracts. This contract will explain in detail the scope of work and the nature of it. Include: the surfaces to paint, the surface preparation method, the duration, schedule of project, and payment. By putting the entire scope of the job in writing, it is easier to compare the cost between contractors. A contract will protect you and your contractor.

It is also a good idea to ask if the contractor has ever been in business. Painters are a volatile industry. You should hire someone who’s been in business at least for five years. Many companies are willing to hire employees with little or even no experience. This is done in order for them to save on costs. You should also ask the contractor what they will prepare to start the project. It is critical to prepare the surface. Ask the painting contractor about his recommended materials. A professional will offer suggestions on paints, colours, and finishes.

You will need to confirm if the warranty includes paint. The paint warranty should include the time period that the contractor will guarantee his work. One warranty is insufficient. Ensure that you get the warranty along with any restrictions, in writing. Many contractors demand a deposit when they sign the agreement. It’s customary to make a deposit. It is important to make sure you have checked all the references, and you are comfortable with your contractor. Do not give someone an excessive deposit. Pay 20%.

Comparing costs estimates is important. Not always is the lowest quote the best option. If you find that the bids are very different, ask the contractors for more details. Do all the contractors use the same paints? Low-bidders who cut corners may compromise the quality. Don’t just look at the lowest price. It is important that the person you hire has experience, be fully insured, and have a well-trained team. You get what you are worth in the painting business, just like most other industries. You can tell whether a professional is interested in your company if he provides references, insurance, or offers advice on color, finish, and other specifics. Step aside and allow your professional painting contractor to complete the work you have contracted. A professional painting company will cost more if you need a service of high quality.

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