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Free Online Internet Security Tests

You can find a lot of web-based security tests that you can use for free. While most require no downloading, some may require you to install a temporary applet in order to work properly. These scans can give you a better understanding of your “real world” security status by being used on a regular basis.

VIRUSTOTAL: Free Online Malware and Virus Scan

This service is free and can be used to scan suspicious files, but not entire systems. It uses multiple antivirus engines.

ewido Anti-Spyware and Anti-Malware Solutions

This online scanner scans your computer for malware and allows you to clean it up without installing additional software.

Panda ActiveScan

Connect to the Internet whenever you need a second opinion about the security of your computer. This online security test will scan and disinfect your computer and remove over 185,000 worms, worms, and Trojans. It can also be used to check and fix any other system devices, such as hard drives, compressed files, and email.

Symantec Security Check

Symantec Security Check checks your vulnerability to various online threats. It is free and effective and can help you assess your Internet security needs.

Check Your Network

This site combines years of research into one package. These are system administrators who will provide this information for free in the hope that it will help keep your network safe.

Trend Micro Housecall

This free Web-based scan detects a variety of Internet security threats, including Trojans, viruses, and spyware. It can also identify system vulnerabilities and provide a link to help you download any missing security patches. HouseCall provides a detailed report on security threats found on your computer after each scan.

AhnLab Antivirus

This online anti-virus service scans and repairs viruses from any computer connected to the Internet. MyV3 uses the AhnLab antivirus engine to quickly scan for viruses and then repair them.

Dr.WEB CureIt!

This scanner is free and uses the Dr.WEB engine. It will quickly detect and fix many viruses and spyware issues.

Gibson Research

This collection includes the popular ShieldsUP! security test. test.

BitDefender Free Online Viral Scan HackerWhacker

It is important to scan all ports that are open and identify any security risks.

AhnLab MySpyZero

This will protect your computer from unwanted programs that may cause changes to the start page of the web browser or pop-up advertisements windows. AhnLab allows you to surf the Internet in a safe environment.

AuditMyPc Intrusion Prevention

There are many good tests. The firewall test is the best.

McAfee FreeScan virus scan

McAfee FreeScan can detect thousands of viruses, including the most recent “in the wild” ones. It also displays a detailed list with all infected files. FreeScan also provides links to additional information on any virus found and how you can clean it up.

You should be cautious about downloading random security scanners from the internet, especially if you have to install anything on your machine. Although a site may appear to be legitimate and useful, it does not necessarily mean that they are not trying to exploit your system or install malware. Use well-respected sites and products.

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