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Crystals: Working with Crystals

Crystal therapy, crystal crystals and elixirs all work because crystals naturally balance the flow of our energies.

Every cell of our bodies has an electrical potential. Water is constantly flowing through them. Blood plasma contains more than 90% water. It is home to all the essentials for life. All of it is distributed by rivers of water – more about the author.

Water is a polar molecular, meaning it will respond to an electric charge. Crystals have a natural electro effect and can be placed on our bodies in grids. Holding, wearing, or drinking crystal water will balance out the electrical charge.

One is the PIEZOELECTRIC (caused by pressure) and the other is the PYROELECTRIC (caused by heat or temperature change). The solid-state electric field of quartz crystal can also be affected by a large area, measuring 2-3 feet. Although the size of the crystal doesn’t affect its electrical properties, larger crystals can sometimes be more noticeable. Crystals are a great tool for helping us release trapped energy due to their atomic structure.

Water responds to its living conditions. Poor conditions will lead to poor water quality. Dr Masaru Emoto’s studies on frozen water crystals show how water responds when we think, speak and play music.

Crystals are mostly composed of solid minerals. They can also fall from the sky and give us fragments of Meteorites. The heat from their ‘landing’ can cause minerals fusion. Moldavite, a crystal formed when a large meteorite collided with the earth around 14.8million years ago. Scientific theories vary on whether Moldavite was a result of the crash landing or the meteorite.

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