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Choosing the Best Grill Under $400: Tips and Recommendations

There is a big difference between BBQing, and grilling. People imagine themselves cooking up steaks, chicken wings and sweet corn, marshmallows on a BBQ. Actually, the people who have used this term are wrong. The correct term would have been a BBQ, but it is more accurate to use the phrase grilling. Check out the differences in BBQ and grilling. Read more now on https://grillsadvisor.com/best-grills-under-400

Sources of Heat

Grilling, in general, is fast cooking performed at high heat. Usually, when people refer to a BBQ event, they are referring to this type of cooking. This is the style of cooking that’s usually used at a BBQ party. No matter whether you are cooking on a conventional charcoal or gas grill, your food will likely char. BBQ involves slow cooking, which takes place at lower temperatures. When cooking food on a barbeque grill, heat is applied indirectly.

Time for cooking

According to the source, the cooking time will vary. Due to the fact that the food is heated directly from the source, it cooks very quickly. This is why seasoned grillers are aware that expensive and premium cuts of beef make the best grilling meats. This type of meat cooks quickly over an unrestricted flame. Typically the exterior of meats is seared. However, you are assured that all the juicy juices have been locked inside. In order to have a true BBQ you need at least several hours of cooking. Sometimes the meats can be cooked over a period of days. The time required to cook the meat is why you may hear BBQ chefs refering to cooking “low and steady”. In a traditional barbeque, less expensive cuts of tougher meat are usually used. They become tenderized when they are slowly cooked on low heat.


When grilling it is almost impossible to obtain any flavour from the heat. Generally speaking, the flavor of grilled food comes from using only the highest quality cuts. The taste of barbecued food is completely different from that of grilled foods. It’s all because of how the meat absorbs the smoky flavour of the heat source. Wood can give meats unique flavors.

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