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Carpet Cleaning Mosman’s Rug Cleaning Secrets

Do you wonder how carpet cleaning services like Carpet Cleaning Mosman get their jobs done? This is how we operate and what makes us different than the rest.


The best way to clean your rug is by having it examined. The carpet will be inspected for damage, stains or smells. We also note its material, structure, color, and type – continue reading.


A solid vacuum will be used to remove any dirt or dust particles embedded in the carpet’s fibers. It is important to complete this step before moving onto the next.


An appropriate pretreatment will be used to eliminate stains or odors depending on whether the rug is made of different materials and states. Non-toxic, environmentally-friendly cleaners are used to clean carpets.


It’s now time for the enjoyable part: cleaning. We will clean the rug first with our high-tech cleaning tools. Next, we will use hot water to wash it and then apply a cleaning agent. The machines use high-pressure steam with strong suction to get rid of dirt, stains and odors.


To speed up drying, fans will be used after we have cleaned your rug properly. To ensure that your carpet drys evenly and does not grow mold, we will use special tools.

Final Examination

To ensure that your rug meets our high quality standards, we’ll inspect the final product after it has completely dried. If there are any issues, we will fix them till we’re satisfied that the carpet is clean and as good as it can be.

Carpet Cleaning Mosman is dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers by providing top-quality rug cleaning services. Because we are focused on details, use of environmentally-friendly products and the latest machinery, Carpet Cleaning Mosman stands out amongst other companies. We are available to schedule an appointment and provide more details about rug cleaning.

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